Sunday, February 08, 2009

U. of Rochester moonbats pretend to act tough

Ma'an reports:
University of Rochester students and community members began an occupation of campus buildings Friday afternoon.
It then goes on to detail their demand - divesting from companies who sell weapons to Israel, twinning with a Gaza university, and so on.

But it turns out that the moonbats didn't act quite as disobediently as they are pretending.
The UR chapter of Students for a Democratic Society issued a news release tonight saying it was occupying Goergen Hall — the biomedical engineering and optics building — “to show the university we are serious about supporting our brothers and sisters in Gaza.”

The group characterized its actions as occupying the campus building, but a university spokeswoman said the group had reserved the space in advance.
And when the time for the reservation was up?
UR Dean of Students Matthew Burns negotiated with the students Friday night and the two sides apparently reached an agreement to continue talking about the students’ demands. That agreement avoided a possible confrontation that loomed at midnight, when the university said it was planning to close the building.
So essentially the students reserved a space, made some noisy "demands," lied about their actions, lied about their victory in gaining concessions, and left the building before even a hint of confrontation could occur.

This wasn't even civil disobedience - it was civil obedience.

Wow, what bravery!