Sunday, February 08, 2009

Taking the Ziyonist conspiracy to the next level

If you like the stories I find and want to help spread them, here are some things you can do:

The easiest is to use the social-networking bookmarks using the tool I place after every story that looks like this: When you mouse over that you can then submit stories you like to various sites, some of which generate lots of traffic. You of course need to join Digg or Reddit or any of the other sites to be able to submit the story to begin with.

Twitter also has tools to easily grab a webpage you are on and tweet it.

If you are more ambitious, you can join one of the increasing number of "citizen journalism" websites, where you can write your own stories, or sometimes link to them. Just for fun I joined NowPublic and posted an article, although I didn't link back here. It was very easy.

Even easier are sites like Newsvine where you can add a button to your browser to submit a story. A couple of my readers have done this, often generating more comments there than here. See this page for a pro-Israel Newsviner.

Wikinews is completely generated by users, although it goes through a review process to keep its quality up. It is also indexed by Google News.

Keep in mind that many of these sites are already infested with Israel bashers and it is easy to get sucked in to their conversations. I think it is better to post, let others do the commenting.