Friday, February 06, 2009

Hating Israel more important than humanitarian aid

YNet has the story about the Magen David Adom taking the frozen blood platelets from the Tali "aid" ship intercepted by the IDF and delivering them to Gaza. There is an interesting detail:
[Head of the Blood Bank Prof. Ayelet] Shenhar could not say if the was a blood shortage in the Strip's hospitals during the Israeli offensive in Gaza, since "MDA was not contacted on the matter. As far as I know Jordan sent blood to Gaza and there was no need for the Israeli Blood Bank to do the same. The Palestinians refused to receive blood units from us.
This is reminiscent of how the Israeli medical clinic that was set up in Gaza failed - Hamas refused to allow Gazans to be treated by the best medical teams in the world, because they were from Israel.

Clearly Hamas does not consider Gazan lives to be too important. But we knew that already.

Compare this to how the MDA official thinks about helping the enemy:
"Blood is a vital (medical) resource and the goal was to get it to the Gaza hospital," she added. "I'm happy that it worked out."