Thursday, February 05, 2009

Egypt closes border with Gaza, no one cares

As we mentioned on Tuesday, Egypt closed the Rafah border with Gaza on Thursday:
Egypt closed the Rafah crossing with Gaza on Thursday, after having opened it to allow for the flow of wounded and humanitarian aid in recent weeks.

"The border is closed since this morning," said a senior border official, adding that Palestinians wounded during the IDF's operation and being treated in Egypt would be allowed to return home. But "no humanitarian delegation, medical staff or media will be allowed to enter," he said.
Interestingly, we are not hearing strident demands by "human rights" groups to force Egypt to fully open the crossings. The media is not insisting that Egypt reverse this move. The EU is not saying that Egypt is imposing a blockade on Gaza. The Arab countries are not saying that Egypt is participating in a "slow genocide" of Gazan residents. International law "experts" are not claiming that Cairo is a de facto occupier of Gaza because it controls the Rafah border. Islamic Jihad is not saying that they have the right to shoot rockets into Egypt as self-defense against this unjust siege. The UN is not saying that Egypt's siege is collective pubnishment and therefore a clear violation of the Geneva Conventions.

While Israel sends over some 5000-6000 tons of aid every day to Gaza - an amount that critics are calling way too little - Egypt just turned off their own trickle of aid without a peep of protest from these same critics.

Apparently, Egypt is acting prudently in not wanting Hamas terrorists to enter their neighbor to the south, while Israel's similar actions are compared to turning Gaza into a prison. Egypt is not considered responsible for the welfare of Gazans who were once under Egyptian occupation, but Israel is.

The world believes that Egypt has the right to govern its own borders in ways it sees fit - but Israel doesn't.