Monday, January 05, 2009

The Zionist Collaborator Hierarchy

So far during this operation, we have seen:

Hamas accuse Fatah members of being Zionist collaborators
Yemeni parliamentarians accusing Al Arabiya of being Zionist
Hezbollah accusing Egypt of being collaborators with the Zionists
Hamas and others accusing the PA of being collaborators
Jordanian journalists accusing Al Arabiya and Al Jazeera of being collaborators
Free Gaza accusing anyone who focuses on sending aid to Gazans as being "complicit"
The Islamic Brotherhood accusing any Western-friendly Arab countries as "collaborators"

Which means that the current hierarchy of people who hate Israel and love terrorism looks something like this:

1. Free Gaza Movement and Iran
2. The Islamic Brotherhood and assorted jihadist organizations
3. Jordanian journalists and Hezbollah
4. Al Jazeerah and Yemeni parliamentarians
5. Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other Gulf countries
6. Jordan
7. Egypt
8. Mahmoud Abbas and the PA

Rankings subject to change based on new invective and vitriol.