Sunday, January 04, 2009

Free Gaza: "We're not an aid group, we are a resistance group"

A new email from the Free Gaza movement to its mailing list, not published on their website, proves again what the organization's goals are. Here are excerpts:
On Monday, December 29 we sent our small ship, the DIGNITY, to besieged Gaza in an act of civil resistance against Israel's ongoing massacre and blockade....

Free Gaza is neither a "protest group" nor an aid agency. Our mission and our work are political. We are a Palestinian and international effort dedicated to the principle of non-violent direct action. We are engaged in active, civil resistance against the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the violence this occupation uses to sustain itself.

We do bring medicine, supplies, and doctors to besieged Gaza as we can, but this is utterly insufficient. Although humanitarian aid is very much needed, especially now in Gaza, focusing on humanitarian efforts alone is a form of complicity in Israel's malevolent quest to destroy the Palestinian people.

The Dignity is currently in Lebanon. It is estimated that it might take between one and two months to repair the Dignity. It looks like the frame is warped, and the blows by the Israeli warship are deeper than we first believed. Repairs to this ship are also going to cost much more than originally expected (over $50,000 USD).

We have located an alternate ship, which we're currently working on procuring. It's probably not the perfect boat for the Free Gaza Movement, but it's the most suitable and affordable one that we could locate in the short amount of time that we're trying to work in. Our new ship will carry about 30 passengers and 10-15 tons of cargo. We intend to leave for Gaza as soon as is possible, sometime within the next two weeks.

We will give priority for places on the boat to doctors, journalists (preference going to major media outlets), and political figures or other high profile people. We will try to take 2 or 3 long-term human rights workers in on this voyage as well.

Once we set sail, we do not plan on turning back. We will stay at sea, insisting on access to Gaza, until we succeed or Israel gravely attacks or arrests us.For continued updates from Palestinians and FG and ISM volunteers on the ground in Gaza, please refer to our website: http://www.FreeGaza.org

In solidarity & struggle,
The Free Gaza Movement
We have already seen how "peaceful" the ISM is, as they laughingly pose with armed Palestinian Arab terrorists.

Every time the media refers to the Free Gaza boats as "aid boats" they are buying into the deception that the Free Gaza terror-supporters try to spread.

Not a single word on their website has anything negative to say about Qassams, or Hamas, or the kidnap of Gilad Shalit. The reason is because all of those are part of their goal, and while they claim to be "non-violent" they are more than willing to support the violence of others that are aimed at the same goal.