Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Terror propaganda update

Reading the Islamic Jihad-backed Palestine Today in autotranslated Arabic is always a surreal experience, but now more so than ever. A fantasy war is occurring that has nothing to do with reality, and it is being reported without any fear of contradiction.

From reading Paltoday, one would think that Hamas killed 12 IDF soldiers just today, with six injuries. The number of Hamas and PIJ "martyrs" are pretty much zero - only civilans (which is, of course, routinely described as a "Holocaust." Operation Cast Lead is "melting" into Hamas' Operation Oil Stain. Islamc Jihad is not backing down "one iota" some spokesman said from his underground bunker. A Qassam rocket supposedly killed a woman in Ashkelon yesterday "according to Hebrew sources."

The only problem is that none of it is true.

It is also interesting that they will bend over backwards to find the most obscure critics of Israel, preferably Jewish. Today it was some "honorary professor" at the University of Nice named Andre Nochi who supposedly wrote a letter to the Israel Embassy in Paris describing Israeli actions as being akin to Hitler. This letter took a circuitous route, being translated by a Tunisian professor before being forwarded to "Quds Press" where it was presumably published.

As we saw earlier today, this newspaper harshly criticized the West Bank-based, Fatah-leaning newspapers who dared to publish Israeli news stories.

The terrorist media has decided that their best policy right now is complete and absolute falsehood, apparently because the truth scares the hell out of them.