Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This morning's PalArabic news

Besides the "Free Gaza" ship, Iran is claiming to be sending an "aid" ship to Gaza as well from Egypt. It should have arrived by now, but there are no updates. I couldn't find anything in the Iranian press about this.

The Palestinian Arab press is mentioning Israeli reports that Hamas is hijacking humanitarian aid trucks, confiscating aid and selling it for a profit. One commenter (if I am translating correctly) jokes that Hamas is using the diapers in the shipments for themselves as they are hiding in their tunnels.

It is interesting that neither the UNRWA nor the Red Cross has commented on these reports to confirm or deny them, as far as I can find.

A Saudi citizen, who joined Hamas, has been killed. This article mentions in passing that Palestinian Arabs and Hamas in particular have been very reluctant to mention the names of their dead terrorists.

At least two newspapers are reporting on a supposed Peace Now survey that "nine out of ten Israelis are in favor of the Israeli massacres against children and elderly people in Gaza." Needless to say, no such survey is on the Peace Now site, although they are idiotically calling for a "political" solution with a group of terrorists.

The Islamic Jihad mouthpiece "Palestine Today" calls on the Fatah-leaning PalArabic press to stop reporting on Israeli "rumors" , such as a report that Hamas leaders have fled to hide among Bedouins in the Sinai, with veiled threats: "History will not have mercy on all those who played on the wounds and suffering of our people."