Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Saudi clerics forbid peace with Israel, Jews

From Firas Press: (autotranslated, cleaned up)
A number of senior clerics in Saudi Arabia have forbidden any collective peace initiative that includes the right of Jews to immigrate to the land of Palestine, and the normalization of relations with them.

The prohibition was a clearly targeting the 'Arab Peace Initiative' launched by Saudi Arabia at the Arab Summit in Beirut in 1982, which until now has been the cornerstone of many of the deliberations on the prospects for peace in the Middle East.

A number of clergymen, judges and university professors in Makkah made this statement after a discussion on the 'injustice and Jewish aggression' in the Gaza Strip. 'The quest for the Liberation of Palestine is a legitimate duty on the peoples and governments, and that what the jihadist factions intended to achieve; this is one of the greatest legitimate duties'.

They called for all governments and peoples to activate the economic weapon at all levels against the Jews...

The groups called on all Muslims to extend a helping hand to their brothers in Gaza, giving them all kinds of support, and seek to ensure the families of the victims of aggression, and to work to rebuild what has been demolished and vandalized by the Jews.

Sheikh Suleiman Al-Tuwaijri declared in a speech at the beginning of the meeting that the 'war on Gaza is not a war against Hamas, but rather is an extension of the conflict between infidelity and Islam', and drew attention to the urgent need these days to close ranks and come together to repel the enemies of the Islamic nation.

He asked everyone to strive for money and to pray, and pointed with shame at the Jews.

[Sheikh] Bin Jibreen said this is payment to the Jews for their cooperation with the Crusaders, calling them an enemy to Islam and our religion...

And the Saudi "peace" initiative sounded so promising, too! Oh well.