Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Persian version of Free Gaza stopped

I mentioned in this morning's roundup that an Iranian "aid" boat was trying to get to Gaza.

This morning, Reuters quotes Iranian sources that the boat was stopped:
"An Iranian ship that was carrying foodstuff and medicine was stopped by the Zionist regime's navy 20 miles off the coast of Gaza," the Iranian radio station reported, adding that the ship had left the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas 13 days earlier.
I wonder whether this ship existed at all, or was just an Iranian PR stunt. I could find no mention of the ship on the PressTV site this morning, although Ma'an quoted an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman about the ship. One would think that at the very least the Iranians would try to publicize this more in order to embarrass Israel.

The supposed Iranian boat and Free Gaza have lots in common, though. They both pretend to be helping Gazans when they in fact do nothing of the sort, they both support Hamas and they both want to see Israel destroyed.

UPDATE: The IDF denied that they stopped any Iranian boat.