Sunday, January 11, 2009

Outright anti-semitism in Denmark "peace" rallies

EoZ friend Henrik emails about rallies in Denmark:
The first video is of the pro-Israeli rally held by Dansk Zionist Forbund (Danish Zionist Society). I'm not going to speak much about that, since the pictures show how peaceful and happy a gathering it was (I had multiple friends attend, but couldn't make it myself). About 3-400 people came out.

The other video is of the Palestinian counter-demonstration, fielding about 100, maybe 150 people. After their demo ended, they marched around creating havoc, throwing...Im not sure of the word - its called a kanonslag (thunder-blow), it's fireworks and explodes, but more powerful than a firecracker - into a McDonalds and stopping a car, pulling out a woman and her child that were sitting inside, before the police intervened and arrested about 75 of them.

Most of what they shout is self-explanatory, if you want I can explain, though. At the 0:44 mark, we have one of them Heiling in the typical Nazi fashion. At the 1:10-mark, the leader switches into Danish, and he says "Hamas will never be eradicated, on the contrary we would very much like to eradicate Israel from the world map. We want to kill all Jews around the world. All Jews have to be exterminated. That's obvious, there is no reason for them to exist".

On the 9th, there was a "peace" demonstration in the city of Århus. The attendance was divided in three: Muslim men at the front, Muslim women and children in the middle and the communists at the back. Note what the Muslim men are chanting (in Arabic) : "Takbir, Allah hu akbar" = "Conquest, Allah is the greatest". When the demo wound up where it was supposed to end, there were speeches. When a representative of the centre-left Radical Party ended her speech, the Arabs attending began shouting (in Danish) "Vi vil ha´ krig, Vi vil ha´krig" = "We want war, We want war".

So which ones are the "peace" demonstrators again?