Sunday, January 04, 2009

Indonesian Muslims to the rescue!

From the Jakarta Globe:
Israel’s prolonged strikes against Gaza have prompted Muslims worldwide, including in Indonesia, to seek to help Palestinian citizens.

The Aceh chapter of the Islamic Defenders Front, or FPI, will recruit Muslims to fight in Palestine, chairman Yusuf Al-Qardhany said.

“The recruitment of jihadis to Palestine will start [today],” he said. “At present, 13 applicants wishing to become jihad fighters have already registered.”

Speaking from Banda Aceh, Yusuf said that at least 60 fighters from Aceh would go to Palestine via Egypt.

Prior to their dispatch, they would receive a week-long military training in Aceh, he said.

Registration for potential recruits would be open for two weeks.

All applicants would have to fill out a form which included parental approval for them to go to Palestine, he said.

“As a manifestation of Muslim brotherhood, we are ready to become martyrs to help our Muslim brothers in facing the brutality of the Israeli forces,” he said.
Since Egypt won't let them through Rafah, they might have to go to Plan B - using the newest Free Gaza boat. I have no doubt that they have a much better chance to get to Gaza that way.