Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The latest make-out spot: Al Aqsa Mosque!

Sheikh Raed Salah, publicity-hungry radical head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, regularly comes out with statements accusing Israel of secret plans to build huge synagogues on the Temple Mount or of digging a huge network of tunnels underneath it. Since these stories get old, though, he is forced to constinuously embellish them further in order to keep grabbing headlines.

So it is amusing to see his latest accusations.

According to Ramattan (Arabic), Salah is accusing Israeli Jewish police of drinking - and committing adultery - in the Al Aqsa Mosque!

Not too many salacious details are available but it will be sure to attract many more tourists to Al Aqsa; any new pick-up joint in Jerusalem will become instantly popular.

In addition, Saleh accuses Israel of building museums and synagogues underneath the Temple Mount. I'd love to know where they are, and how they manage to find tourists and worshippers if they are such a big secret.

Thanks to Salah, many more Jews will flock to Jerusalem to partake of the new cultural, religious and social opportunities that he has nicely informed us about!