Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ultra-Left hates PA, loves Hamas

The radical left is often amusing with its abject hypocrisy, and one of the funnier examples is its embrace of radical Islam, which is as anti-liberal as possible.

Two recent articles in leftist publications show how far the far left has gone.

From Cleveland Indymedia, and article by prolific hater Khalid Amayreh:

So, as if Zionist ethnic cleansing were not enough, the PA is finding it necessary to complement Israeli criminality by arresting, humiliating and tormenting patriotic Palestinians for criticizing the Ramallah regime for compromising Palestinian national interests and for throwing itself squarely into the lap of the Bush administration which itself is at Israel’s beck and call.

It is really difficult to make any sense of what is happening except that the PA is effectively becoming another layer of the Israeli occupation.
Yes, wanting anything less than the total and immediate destruction of Israel is clearly a form of collaboration with the Zionist enemy. Much better to stay angry and stateless for the next few hundred years.

And in Redress.cc, an article by a self-styled charity worker and surgeon named David Halpin:

Gaza and humanity versus Zionist ethnic cleansers and their stooges

A scrupulous election was no bar to stifling a democracy emerging under brutal occupation. In spite of generous offers [by Hamas] to include the main opposition party Fatah in government, that attempt at plurality invited the annihilation of Hamas by the engine of destruction and its many subservient nations, led by the USA. Any adherents to Islam must be isolated and driven by goading to division and self-destruction. Thus was the medieval siege laid on Gaza in March 2006 against all morality and all major international laws.

The medieval siege laid on Gaza is against all morality and all major international laws The Hague Rules and Nuremberg Principles were never enunciated and they do not exist; barbarism is the only rule.
Yes, this British man is invoking international law to defend an organization whose founding principles emphasize the murder of Jews worldwide as well as the rejection of any possibility of peace.

This love of Islamic extremism on the part of the radical Left has nothing to do with loving Muslims - and it has everything to do with hating Jews. If Hamas wasn't opposed to the idea of Jews living in the Middle East as anything but dhimmis, people like Halpin and the other radical leftists would hate Hamas for all it stands for. Yet their hatred of Jews and Zionism makes all pretense of consistency go out the window.