Thursday, August 07, 2008

Today's PalArab news

Al-Jazeera actually apologized to Israel for its coverage of child-killer Samir Kuntar's release, saying that they violated their own code of conduct:
Egypt says that it has found 20 smuggling tunnels this week. AP manages to write the entire story without using the word "weapons" once, and implies that each of the 20 were only to give fuel to poor hungry Gazans.

The PCHR complained that Hamas is not allowing lawyers to see clients in Gaza prisons, and explains that the reason probably has to do with reports of torture in those prisons.

One of the deported terrorists that used the Church of the Nativity as a place to shoot Israelis from was the object of an assassination attempt in Ireland. The shooters were a Palestinian Arab and a Moroccan.

Two rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel last night, no injuries. There were also three fired on Saturday.

Egypt opened the Rafah border briefly. Was it to take sick or injured people to the hospital? Not quite - it was to send Abdul Ghani Yassin across the border into Gaza. If the name sounds familiar, that's because he is the son of the Hamas founder Sheikh Yassin.

Members of the PA's Ministry of Education were arrested for stealing a million shekels from their employers. Nice to see Fatah's finances are so much more transparent. (Then again, there would never have been an arrest under Arafat - he would have been doing the stealing.)

A Palestinian Arab group is accusing Israel of threatening its Arab female prisoners with rape. This pack of lies will spread like wildfire, as usual.