Friday, August 15, 2008

Sick twist in Saudi pedophilia "marriage"

I blogged a few days ago about a Saudi man who sold his 8-year old daughter "in marriage" to another Saudi man in his 50s.

MEMRI Blog adds an even sicker detail:
A Saudi man in his 50s has announced that he refuses to annul his year-and-a half-long marriage to an eight-year-old girl, because he claims never to have done anything forbidden by Islamic law.

He said that Islamic law does not set a specific age for marriage, and that the Prophet Muhammad married 'Aisha when she was nine.

Source: Al-Hayat, London, August 13, 2008

So the father didn't just "marry off" his eight year old daughter - he sold his six and a half-year old daughter!

And even after a year and a half, the Saudi legal authorities have been unable to do anything about this while this little girls gets raped, probably nightly, by a pedophilic pervert.