Wednesday, August 20, 2008

PalArab press roundup

A Hamas spokesman says that the PLO is no longer authorized to speak on behalf of the Palestinian Arabs. I believe that he is stating this now in reaction to reports that the draft Fatah-Hamas reconciliation plan written by Egypt tries to re-affirm the PLO as the sole legitimate representative of the PalArabs.

Yet another PalArab 'expert" is claiming that Israel is digging another "secret tunnel" under the Al Aqsa mosque. These claims surface all the time. Of course, the only digging taking place there is from Muslims who are trying to destroy any evidence of a Jewish Temple ever being there.

The Shura Council in Egypt, part of the Egyptian parliament, had a large fire, pictures here.

A bomb exploded in front of the house of a Hamas leader in Gaza.

A PA leader is freaking out over Israeli cameras pointing towards entrances to the Temple Mount, claiming that this is a form of "terror" and that they help "Judaize" Jerusalem.

Similarly, another PA official is warning against an Israeli census of Jerusalem, calling it a form of "ethnic cleansing." I'm surprised that it isn't a "Holocaust" as well.

Al-Manar is reporting that more and more countries are establishing unofficial contacts with Hamas in light of the lack of unity among PalArabs and the apparent failure in leadership by the PA.