Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No swimsuits in Kuwaiti Olympic coverage - Zionists next?

The MEMRI blog reports that Kuwait is censoring some Olympics competition because of the way the women dress.

It also mentions two Salafist MPs who were upset not only at the immodest dress but also wanted to make sure that no Israeli athletes pollute pure Kuwaiti airwaves.

The original article states:
The [MP] Al Omeir, who called the Information Ministry to reconsider the policy of transferring Games held in Beijing, pointed out that some sports are in violation of the law, ethics and public taste.

Al Omeir and wondered about the usefulness of the broadcast of such games "exercising clothes are a violation of taste and decency," stressing that "the best way to solve this is not to broadcast some games".

Al Omeir and warned that some sports involving Israel, where they raise the flag, which was raised as Muslims and Arabs reject normalization with the Israeli entity, calling on the TV station to take caution and attention to prevent the broadcast of any games involving Israel "so as not to contribute to promoting the participation of the enemy during which normalization with him ".