Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Nissan ad that riled up the Saudis

Last night I tweeted about a Nissan ad in Israel that upset the Saudis.

As Ha'aretz reported it (and they have their own video report:)
Saudi Arabia's MBC TV began its Sunday night news edition not with Syrian President Bashar Assad's trip to Iran, nor with Palestinian infighting in Gaza - but with an outraged report on an Israeli TV commercial.

The advertisement shows wealthy Arab oil barons enraged that a Nissan car is so fuel efficient.

MBC proceeded to interview a Saudi representative, who was asked why he thought Israel would broadcast the commercial. He warned of a boycott of Nissan by Persian Gulf states, and demanded the company apologize.
Here is a version on YouTube that has Russian subtitles, but it is pretty clear what is going on.