Monday, August 04, 2008

Continuing Twittering

So far I like Twitter; I'm using it to put up anything I come across that may or may not make it into a post, and that may not be 100% accurate if it is my initial impression of an autotranslation. (For example, I think that the police didn't run away from Bir Zeit but they had the students evacuate.) So I intend it as an early-warning system of raw info I encounter on the Web. (No, I do not intend to inform you all of what I'm eating for lunch. I'll leave that to others.)

I moved the Twitter gadget to the right side of the blog so that it can be seen without scrolling. I wish it auto-updated, but for now if you want to see the latest you'll have to refresh the screen. Obviously I am sometimes busy doing other things, so don't get too used to having updates as often as it has been.

I would like to have some feedback on what I write but I haven't figured out how that could work yet besides asking you to simply comment on a post like this one.