Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Autotranslation of the day

From the Palestinian Arabic Ma'an news, auto-translated by Google:
Infanticide Club in Green Valley Fukui, honors students excelling and successful in high school

Bethlehem - Ma'an - Systems Club Infanticide Verde - The Phuket, in observance to honor the excellent students in the classroom and successful in high school, so during a celebration rally held at the Plaza Club, attended by a wide audience of students and families of the sons of the village and the faculty and headmaster Professor Ashraf Lashkar, And representatives of local institutions in the village.

Opened the festival, took the customs of both Ahmed sugar supervisor's cultural club, Mohammed advocate cultural committee member.

Bassam gave a speech advocating the club, a speech welcoming and congratulating the students and their parents and teachers on this success and excellence, calling on them to continue to achieve these results supervising, and praised the management of the school and the teaching staff and their role in access to these results.
I know they celebrate death, but an entire infanticide club brings things to a whole new level!