Sunday, August 17, 2008

Abu Rish Brigades leader begs to get out of Gaza

Firas Press (autotranslated, cleaned up:)
Younis Oweidat, leader of the Ahmed Abu Rish Martyr Brigades, asked President Abbas to intervene to allow their people to enter the Palestinian territories of the West Bank after Hamas carried out various operations and attempted executions on more than one occasion, even knowing that they are wanted by the forces of Zionist occupation. [Apparently, a group of them are still in limbo between Gaza and Israel at the Erez crossing.]

He stated: "Yes, better to be behind bars in occupation jails than to return to the grip of Hamas, who sentenced me and seven of my militant brothers to death, they attacked my house...The culture of blood and murder that Hamas planted in the hearts of their sons made the blood of all the Palestinian people, especially militants, cheap. "

He ended by appealing to President Abbas as saying the immediate and rapid intervention to solve their problem, as they board the Erez crossing for more than ten days left homeless.

Isn't it great that some Palestinian Arabs prefer to be in those horrid Israeli prisons rather than being under Hamas rule?