Monday, July 21, 2008

Visit Palestine!

I saw this poster at a Palestinian Arab site.

The site freely admits that this was a poster designed by Zionists, but for some bizarre reason they claim that the existence of this poster is "embarrassing" to Zionists:
This poster was originally designed by Franz Kraus in 1936 and published by the Tourist Association of Palestine, a Zionist development agency. The poster shows the city of Jerusalem, with its neat parks, homes, and the Dome of the Rock.

Embarrassingly for the Zionists, this one poster effectively debunks three of their core myths; that Palestine was a land without people, that Palestine was a barren desert, and that there never was any such thing as Palestine. Well, here is a populated and green Palestine, called by name in a Zionist-published poster!
The incredible naivete in the last paragraph is breathtaking. Of course there was an area known as Palestine, but what the poster is showing is that Zionists had pride in the nation they were building. In 1936, only Jews were proudly identified as Palestinians, and the Western world also identified Palestine as the Jewish homeland. Jews were proud Palestinians before 1948, creating the popular Palestine Pavillion at the 1939 World's Fair, for example.

If anyone should be embarrassed by this poster, it is the Arabs of Palestinian lineage, because they didn't create any posters like this! This poster proves that Zionism is what made Palestine relevant, Zionist muscle and brainpower turned a backwards land into a modern marvel, and Zionists were the people who took the greatest pride and interest in Palestine in that time period.

More similar posters that for some reason are not being sold by Palestinian Arab online stores, probably because they have that evil word "Jewish" in them:

UPDATE: Here are a couple of other "embarrassing" posters I just found on the Web: