Sunday, July 13, 2008

UNRWA official shows his bias

UNRWA Director of Operations John Ging was interviewed by Palestinian Arab Ramattan TV where he revealed yet again the absurd amount of bias that the UN has against Israel.

The director general of UNRWA operations in Gaza, John Ging, stated that despite the commitment of the Palestinian side to calm and to stop firing rockets at Israeli targets, Israel still did not open the crossings needed by the population , and the situation is getting worse.

Jing said in a televised interview with private news agency Ramatan Today / Saturday / "The situation in Gaza is still frustrating to people. We have a calming-This is good, and there is a cease firing rockets - This is also good, but Israel has not yet opened the crossings to the extent that we need, so residents still Gaza Strip are suffering here. "

The director of UNRWA operations hoped to open Gaza crossings quickly to introduce all the necessary things, not only food and medicine, but also other things needed by the people to be able to live in Gaza.

He said, "Last October when they were firing rockets there was more fuel being transferred than is entering today", and expressed the hope that the Palestinians in Gaza have the ability not to launch rockets at targets in Israel.

He called on residents of the Gaza Strip to raise their voices high to lift their blockade, and take their human rights, stressing that the Palestinian people basically did not take their humanitarian, stressing that UNRWA would continue its support for the Palestinians despite the difficulties they face and will stand alongside them in every adversity.

He said: "I am quite sure that there are beautiful days to come for the Palestinians, and the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital coming, God willing," saying that despite what he described as "a mountain of difficulties" faced by the Palestinian people, however, it must continue to climb this mountain.
First of all, he is a liar. Israel's shipments to Gaza since the "cease-fire" has increased 44%, and fuel increased by 30%.

Secondly, he is also a liar when he claims that Gazans are holding by the cease-fire, as there have been numerous instances of rockets and mortars including six events in the past six days.

Thirdly, as far as I am aware the official UN position on Jerusalem is still what it wanted in 1948, namely to make it an international city. It appears that Ging is going against UN policy in his zeal to support everything the Palestinian Arabs support. It is quite hypocritical to say that Jerusalem cannot be Israel's capital because of UN resolutions and then to say that Jerusalem will be Palestine's capital.

Par for the course.