Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mainstream PalArab media praising terrorist

Since the announcement that the body of terrorist Dalal Mughrabi would be involved in the "prisoner swap" with Hezbollah, Israel's Fatah peace partners have been celebrating and articles have been written to remind all Palestinian Arabs about their heroine.

The problem is that she was involved in a massacre of civilians, including 13 children as well as a female American photographer. How can Palestinian Arabs publicly celebrate a terrorist without feeling like hypocrites? After all, fatwa after fatwa claims that it is against sharia to target women and children, which is precisely what Mughrabi did. So how can Palestinian Arabs keep lionizing someone so despicable?

Simple. They lie.

Firas Press' biography of Mughrabi, and others I have seen, say that the bus that was hijacked and ultimately firebombed was filled with "Zionist soldiers" and not the families of bus drivers going to a picnic. They also claim that they killed or injured "hundreds" of Israeli soldiers during the attack, another piece of fiction.

This is a recurring motif - redefining every terror victim in Israel as being a "soldier," meaning that they are all legitimate targets. This way their celebrations and handing out candy doesn't cause any unnecessary angst among those who still might maintain shreds of morality.

Here is yet another example of the veracity of Palestinian Arab "news" and "history" sources.

UPDATE: I commented on the article:
She was not a martyr, she was a murderer. The bus she hijacked did not have soldiers, it had families going on a picnic. 13 children were murdered by her and her group. To praise her is disgusting.

You are lying to your readers.
I autotranslated it to Arabic (and then back to English to make sure that the message stayed roughly the same.) We'll see if they post it.