Friday, April 18, 2008

Today's peaceful Gaza news you won't read anywhere else

One of the people injured in the "mysterious" Hamas house explosion earlier this week in Jabalya has died (maybe two of them, the autotranslation is not clear.)

Fatah held a rally in Rafah; Hamas showed its open-mindedness by arresting 30 of them.

Gaza hospitals claim that they have no anesthesia because of Israel's blockade and cannot do any more surgeries. The last time they claimed something similar, Israel responded that they never requested the supplies and Israel does not stop medical supplies from going to Gaza. And as one of the commenters in that article noted, Hamas has stolen many medicines, supplies and food from hospitals in Gaza.

There was a tunnel collapse, the three people in the tunnel managed to escape.

There are reports of secret meetings between Hamas and Fatah in Cairo.

This morning, Ma'an reported on a dead, burned body found in a car in northern Gaza. That story has disappeared.

Our 2008 count of Palestinian Arabs violently killed by their own actions is at 64.