Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gaza fuel companies again refuse to accept fuel from Israel

That fuel crisis in Gaza cant be too bad if they keep putting conditions on Israel on how to deliver it:
Firas Press reports Tuesday (autotranslated):
The owners of the oil companies and gas stations in Gaza that they refuse to recognize any quantity of fuel from the Israeli side in the event there is no clear commitment to the provision of quantities of fuel needed to fill a minimum daily consumption of the people.

In statements said Dr. Mahmoud Alkhazindar Vice President of the Assembly of the owners of the fuel companies and gas stations «was our decision to stop recognizing these meagre quantities until the Israeli side pledges to introduce sufficient quantities of fuel and systematic and progressive enough to the area of the sector and the rate of consumption».

He added that the company owners wait to know varieties, and the quantity of fuel that Barak promised corrections as of today, and then decide if they collect or not.