Friday, March 14, 2008

PalArabs hoping that Qassams kill more Jews than reported

A telling article in Palestine Today (autotranslated, cleaned up):
The Hebrew media stated that three people were killed in three car accidents on the northern entrance of the Negev desert, claimed assistant police chief Cohen, yesterday, Thursday.

The Hebrew radio said that the public traffic accidents that occurred on the streets of the Jewish state during the last week claimed the lives of ten people, and resulted in serious injuries of nine others.

Palestinians, especially the resistance factions, cast doubt on the validity of whether the large number of deaths in the Jewish state were really due to traffic accidents.

The Al-Quds Brigades, military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, has flattened yesterday, Thursday, raped the towns of the western Negev with 35 rockets and mortar shells, begging the question : Is it true that the dead yesterday were due to accidents or because of resistance rockets ???!!
It's amazing how Freudian these people are.

The word for missile attack is often translated as "rape."

Palestinian Arabs are evidently hoping that they have managed to kill more innocent civilians than they already do, because murdering women and children make them feel more macho. After all, what makes people feel more impotent than shooting dozens of rockets and not managing to kill anybody? To avoid that shame, there must have been Jewish casualties, hiding as "traffic accidents."

And the projection is striking as well, as these same people will inflate their own numbers of dead from Israeli strikes, counting even people they've killed themselves as "martyrs." Fatah's Firas Press even complained today that Haniyeh considers even Gazans who die at home to be "martyrs." Since they lie about their own deaths, they accuse Israel of doing the same.