Thursday, March 06, 2008

Islamic Jihad distributes candy

An Israeli soldier was killed this morning by an apparent IED:
An IDF soldier was killed Thursday morning and another was seriously injured as Palestinians detonated an explosive device near an IDF Sufa jeep patrolling the area near the Gaza Strip border, not far from the Kissufim crossing.

A Hamas source told Ynet that immediately after the incident, the gunmen fired at the force in a bid to disrupt the rescue efforts. They then escaped and took shelter. According to eyewitnesses, the vehicle went up in flames. Several residents gathered nearby and expressed their joy over the incident.
Palestine Today (Arabic) mentions:
Al-Quds Brigades distributed sweets in the streets of Gaza rifles process Kissufim
And the father of the infant girl who was killed in the crossfire when the IDF killed an Islamic Jihad leader - probably by Palestinian Arab fire, but being blamed on Israel - congratulated Islamic Jihad for the operation.

UPDATE: Picture of the candy here. (I'm now hesitant to post wire service photos that might not fall under "fair use.")