Monday, February 04, 2008

UNRWA head whines

Karen Koning AbuZayd, head of UNRWA, writes a whiny article in Arab News about how unfair Israel is to want to defend itself:
Gaza is on the threshold of becoming the first territory to be intentionally reduced to a state of abject destitution, with the knowledge, acquiescence and — some would say — encouragement of the international community. An international community that professes to uphold the inherent dignity of every human being must not allow this to happen....

As the head of a humanitarian and human development agency for Palestinian refugees, I am deeply concerned by the stark inhumanity of Gaza’s closure. I am disturbed by the seeming indifference of much of the world as hundreds and thousands of Palestinians are harshly penalized for acts in which they have no part.
You see, PalArabs cannot be held responsible for electing terrorists. They can have no repercussions for overwhelmingly supporting terror attacks. They are victims - no matter what they do.
In today’s Gaza how can we foster a spirit of moderation and compromise among Palestinians, or cultivate a belief in the peaceful resolution of disputes?
And when exactly has UNRWA done any of that? Their coddling of "refugees" and adamant refusal to solve the problem, along with a long history of tolerating terrorists in their own camps (remember Lebanon last year?) has the exact opposite effect. Moreover, when the UNRWA was supposedly "fostering the spirit of moderation" was when Israel was subject to daily suicide bombings. And the de facto loosening of Gaza's border last week directly resulted in scores of terrorists moving from Gaza to the Sinai as well as many more moving into Gaza from training camps in Syria and elsewhere. Are these examples of "cultivating a belief in peaceful resolution of disputes"?
There has never been a more urgent need for the international community to act to restore normality in Gaza. Hungry, unhealthy, angry communities do not make good partners for peace.
Better than sated, healthy, and even angrier communities, something that UNRWA never tried to stop.

Abu-Zayd, despite her mentioning that UNRWA also condemns the rockets in Sderot, has shown none of concern for human life that she professes in this article. Idiotic liberal platitudes like the idea that "fostering an atmosphere of peace" will stop Israeli civilians from being blown up is just so much rubbish, and it is clear that her concern for humanity ends at the border with Israel.