Thursday, February 07, 2008

Increase in Gaza motorcycle accidents since border breach

The media had a couple of pictures of "poor" Palestinian Arabs bringing motorcycles purchased from Egypt into Gaza:

Apparently, this cyclemania has some consequences. From Palestine Press Agency (autotranslated):
Palestinian medical sources announced this evening the death of a citizen and the injury of two others in a motorcycle collision domains in the Tel Sultan neighbourhood of Rafah town in southern Gaza.

For his part, Dr. Hassanein Maaouya director of emergency ambulance and the Ministry of Health "that the hospital sector received twenty injured in similar incidents [recently], including critical situations."

It is noteworthy that the hundreds of motorbikes purchased after opening the border with Egypt where he led teenagers failed to get a driver's license with it lacks those bikes for licensing and insurance.
It wasn't a handful of motorcycles bought in Egypt by the starving, poverty-stricken PalArabs - they purchased hundreds! And their poor, hungry kids without drivers' licenses are being given these gifts worth thousands of dollars, where they can crash into other poor Gazans with impunity.

Sounds like a wonderful society being built there.

(No, I will not count this in the self-death count.)