Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saudi Arabia anti-semitic? Naaaaah.

From EJP:
An international organization fighting to defend press freedom has denounced Saudi Arabia’s refusal to issue a visa to a Jewish journalist who was to accompany French President Nicolas Sarkozy during his trip to the country earlier this week.

’’The discrimination practiced by Saudi Arabia with respect to Israeli journalists is unacceptable,’’ the Paris-based “Reporters Sans Frontières” (Reporters Without Borders), said.

French-Israeli journalist Gideon Kouts, who is a Paris correspondent for the second Israeli tv channel and writes for Jewish magazine ‘L’Arche’ presented his French passport but the Saudis refused on January 10 to grant him a visa because he writes about Israel.
Of course it isn't because he is Jewish - it is because he writes about Israel!

In the interest of furthering Saudi consistency on banning journalists who write about Israel, here is a link to 9427 articles that mention Israel in the Saudi-based Arab News English edition. I fully expect them to expel Mohammed Mar’i, Abdul Jalil Mustafa, Tariq A. Al-Maeena, Hisham Abu Taha, Walid M. Awad, Sarah Abdullah, and the many other reporters who dare mention Israel's name on the hallowed pages of Arab media.