Saturday, January 12, 2008

Peaceful PalArab weekend

From Ma'an:
Palestinian medical sources on Saturday announced that the body of a Palestinian resident of Ash-Shati' refugee camp west of Gaza City, has been found.

Mu'awiya Hassanein, the director of ambulance and emergency services in the Palestinian health ministry said thirty-three-year-old Sami Ar-Rawwagh was shot dead and his body was found in a Bedouin village in the northern Gaza Strip.
Palestine Press Agency mentions that this was the second body found in a few hours:
It is noteworthy that the citizen is the second Alrwag found dead a few hours in the Gaza Strip, where the citizen found Shaaban Dughmosh dead and lying in the hole Deek central sector this morning. "
Dughmosh was a police officer.

There was also a clan clash in the West Bank, injuring 5.

The American School in Gaza was attacked again, rooms ransacked, windows smashed and its computers stolen.
A group called Army of Believers-al-Qaida in Palestine claimed responsibility for Saturday's attack and accused the school of corrupting Palestinian teenagers.

A leaflet issued by the hitherto unknown group said: "Polytheists and enemies of Islam are pursuing each day their work to destroy our youths, who are falling by the dozens into the swamps of vice and moral decadence. That is why we must re-establish the truth and warn everyone who might try to corrupt our youths or try to open such places of corruption."

The previous attack was claimed by another al-Qaida-inspired group called Warriors of Jerusalem. It said the attack, which took place hours before Bush's meeting in Ramallah with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, was aimed at wiping out the "last symbol of US presence in the Gaza Strip."
The "Al Qaeda" group leader was interviewed by Palestine Press Agency (autotranslated):
And talked about the emergence of organization in the Gaza Strip and said: If we look at the situation in Palestine, and read the history of movements and organizations that have, we note the existence of factions patriotic and nationalistic Then came the National Islamic factions such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and these Islamic and national factions and not purely Islamic, and this is the difference between us and them.

He said: "We come purely Islamic perspective, and we consider ourselves part of the Muslims throughout the world, whether in America or India or China, and if Palestine is liberated Our jihad is continuing and that the will of God proceeded on the ground.

He added: "We are working without any names or ranks.

The Army describes the same trend Islamic nation struggling, which aims to establish the rule of Allah on earth and liberate the land of Isra and Mi'raaj, and take the approach of jihad for the advancement of the nation Zlha and underdevelopment.

The literature emphasizes that the current army aims to transfer the community of democratic and secular infidel to Islam, through the revival of the spirit of Islamic law and its application to the doctrine of Islam, worship and the life.

The literature indicates that the nation is an army of Muslims embrace Islamic project to meet the project western crusade in the world, based on the revival of Jihad, and to return the nation to the belief Ancestors based on the book year.
Of course, the fact that Gaza nutcases are running around blasting Hamas and Islamic Jihad for not being dedicated enough to worldwide Jihad must be blamed on Israel somehow.

The 2008 Palestinian Arab self-death count rises to 6.