Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oxford U.'s idea of evenhandedness

From Oxford Union, quotes and links from Solomonia:
Event Name: Middle East Debate

Start Date: 24th Jan 2008 8:30pm

Description: This House Believes That The State of Israel has a Right to Exist

In Proposition -

* Norman Finkelstein ['Hezbollah represents the hope']
* Prof Ted Honderich ['...the Palestinians have had a moral right to their terrorism as certain as was the moral right, say, of the African people of South Africa against their white captors and the apartheid state']

In Opposition -

* Ghada Karmi [One State Solution]
* Ilan Pappe ['Indeed the struggle is about ideology, not about facts.']

Let's get 4 people who are rabidly anti-Israel and have them "debate" each other as to exactly how much the audience is supposed to loathe the Jewish state! This way, we ensure that everyone sees all sides (of one side) of the issue.

A similar "debate" between two sides of the same side occurred in print last year.