Monday, January 14, 2008

New weapon against Gaza rocket terrorists

From Israel's Channel 2 (I converted it for use in all browsers):

I don't understand all the Hebrew, and saw the link originally in a Palestinian Arabic site which I couldn't decipher completely. Here is the English description from the PalArab site:
The southern leadership of the Israeli army revealed for the first time a new weapon said to be for use against rockets fired from Gaza strip.

UPDATE: Commenter Annie translates:
A rough outline of what was said: At the beginning of the clip you hear a female soldier reporting in coded language what she is seeing. Then the missile is shot at the terrorist. Afterwards the narrator reports that the latest method to combat the kassam and other terrorists is by anti-tank units shooting anti-tank missiles which are much more efficient in hitting their targets. The terrorists are spotted by a combination of ground checkpoints, and balloons and drones operated by the IAF. Their findings are sent straight to a computerized intelligence centre who send out the anti-tank brigades with pinpoint information.

Channel two of the Israeli TV. broadcasted a video tape im which Israeli air and land units are using anti missile grenades against Palestinian activists in Gaza strip specially those who fire rockets at Israel.

The video tape shows a Palestinian activist trying to fire a rocket in direction of the Israeli towns, the activist was being monitored ever since he walked out , then an Israeli rocket targets him directly and when his friend approached to rescue him another Israeli rocket was being fired leaving both of them dead.