Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HuffPo ordains a rabbi

The Huffington Post has another insufferably self-righteous piece by "Rabbi" Michael Lerner, far-left editor of Tikkun magazine, titled "A Rabbi at a Mosque," where he describes his experience speaking at a mosque in Denver (and why it was "controversial" - because he is too Zionist.)

A little research shows that Lerner was never ordained as a rabbi by any recognized rabbinical school (he was accepted to the conservative Jewish Theological Seminary rabbinical school but never attended). He claims his "ordination" came from Zalman Schachter Shalomi and two other rabbis who he never named. Schachter-Shlomi had broken with his Lubavitch upbringing and created his own Judaic pseudo-cult which includes his own Hebrew translations of Buddhist and Sufi prayers.

I guess calling the article "A Leftist Jew who Pretends to Be a Rabbi at a Mosque" doesn't have the same zing.

See also Judeopundit's takedown of one of the incredibly stupid things Lerner actually wrote in the article.