Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hamas thieves working in broad daylight

Palestine Press Agency, which is very anti-Hamas but most of their stories end up being confirmed by others, reports on widespread crime and corruption in Gaza: (autotranslated, cleaned up)
Gaza Strip is threatened by Hamas militia in recent significant occurrences of theft and robbery in the various cities and camps. The strange thing is that some cases of theft and robbery are in broad daylight, which suggests that the thieves are themselves in positions of power and not afraid of any prosecution or arrest.

Last Monday afternoon, a group of armed men entered Basha's Supermarket in Gaza City and stole computers and televisions...

Another incident occurred last week in Gaza City, where a man and his wife were driving in his car on Ali bin Abi Talib Street. A group of masked men attacked them, robbed him of his money, and stole his car. The man complained to Said Siam, interior minister of the Hamas militia who told him that the law would take its course. But the man was surprised a few days after "the law took its course" and saw that his car actually was being used by Qassam Brigades in operations to arrest Fatah activists in Gaza.

Many incidents occur in various cities and refugee camps in the Gaza Strip from burglary and robbery in broad daylight to swindling and fraud to steal drafted women, in addition to the incidents of theft and the seizure of dozens of private cars. Worse still, the theft of tens of houses were during entry Qassam and operational elements of those homes to inspect in search of Fatah activists arrested during the recent campaign, they steal the money sanctioned their hands or formulated in those houses.

Although dozens or even hundreds of previous incidents but he did not arrested any of the perpetrators despite the fact that many of them are known, but they belonged to Hamas and the various militias that gave them immunity to be above the law, even though they use the weapon of Hamas (Disarmament resistant??! !) executive militia uniforms and even some of those engaged in theft during their work and ambushes mandated by the Government of the faithful in Gaza (ie that they be Ode) of this phenomenon are in the rise in the Gaza Strip and the streets of cities in the sector has become devoid of pedestrians after sunset and turn into ghost towns once darkness falls on Gaza shelter until everyone to their homes or go out of the insecurity and fear of being subjected to theft or burglary, and the people there afraid to make complaints against the perpetrators despite knowledge of their personalities and their names and that of their conviction that it is supposed to be protected has become Hramiha.
The comments to that article include a number of Gazans who tell their own stories.

So much for the "law and order" government of Hamas!