Wednesday, October 03, 2007

UK Muslims freaking over Israeli dates

First it was Morocco, then Egypt. Now the Muslims of the UK are freaking out over the fact that some Muslim-owned stores are selling Israeli dates that people are eating during Ramadan.

The pro-terror MPACUK website has at least 4 articles about this horrible crime, complete with liberal use of exclamation points:
Ramadan has come, a time when Muslims around the world focus on all that is good and just. All Muslims come closer to Allah in this period except those who are truly cursed. It seems many Muslim shop-keepers fall into that category. Putting the money God before the One true God that created them. For years some Muslim shop-keepers have been selling dates soaked in the blood of Palestinian children. Can you believe the parasites who are selling Muslims dates from Israel to open their fasts with during Ramadan?!
A group of MPACers decided to spend one afternoon during Ramadan ascertaining the general consensus amongst these shop managers in Manchester and we gained a fascinating insight into the psyche of some Muslim businessmen!...
The most concerning meeting was in a store, where the man whom we were informed was the manager proceeded to lecture us on how he used to think like us when he was our age…
“but it is useless…you can’t do anything!”
“The Palestinians deserve it.”
“Arabs are so and so…”
Shocking! And they were happy to continue selling Israeli dates. How worrying that we give business to such nonchalant people with no sense of responsibility and a terrible streak of racism ingrained in them.
A Muslim sister writes in desperately seeking help:

“In a nutshell Sabar Brothers in Slough are selling Israeli dates - last time I got screamed at when I complained. When MPACUK helped with an Action Alert the shop-owners were abusive to others who called in and then went to the Jewish Chronicle to defend themselves.

This year they are selling big boxes of Israeli Carmel dates for £9.99 each also Jordan River dates (which they have purposely labeled Jordan River dates on a piece of cardboard to mislead people to think they come from Jordan) - even though I looked closely and I saw a little sticker that said 'product of Israel' in French on the box.

So, just like in 1947, Muslims are boycotting other Muslims when they just want to make a living, and they end up hurting their "brethren" while Israel hardly notices. Way to go!