Monday, September 24, 2007

Frenzy over Israeli dates hits Egypt

It is not only Morocco that is freaking out over the existence of Israeli dates in their marketplaces, but even Egypt, that country that signed a peace treaty with the Zionist state some thirty years ago. Because, of course, there is such a great possibility that Israeli fruits are poisoned (presumably to make Egyptian men sterile.) From Palestine Today (autotranslated):
Crept into the Egyptian market varieties of dates in boxes wrapped with the slogan "Star of David" symbol of the State of Israel, in the absence of control bodies concerned.

The newspaper quoted "Egyptians" Egyptian officials that the Israelis came to Egypt during the past few months brought in a shipment dates help Jordanian exporters.

That shipment was packing slogan of production Saudi adhesive tape mask-making in Israel in Hebrew, has met these dates turnout heavily on the supply of supermarkets, shopping Almulat large, and the focus of those dates sold in the markets of Cairo, Giza, Alexandria and Sinai.

Security sources added that the Egyptian Interior Minister Major General Habib al-Adli assigned to the Director of Public Administration DETECTIVES Supply refueling intensive campaigns at all Almulat shops, and supermarkets throughout the republic to control these types of dates and withdrawn from the market as soon as possible.

It was also impose stringent security measures at the customs, cargo village and Alexandria airport to thwart any attempt to introduce spoiled food or poisoned by the Egyptian markets.
It looks like there is a burgeoning underground economy in Arab countries for Israeli goods. Once again, ordinary Arabs are infinitely more practical and clear-headed then their supposed "leaders."

Speaking of, here is a wonderful piece of logic from a Palestinian Arab professor:
"If one kg of Israeli dates is worth about 35 shekels, and the expenses of making one bullet of M16 rifle is worth 8 agora (an Israeli currency unit), that means that the Palestinian consumer contributes to the manufacture of about 44 bullets, which is enough to kill 44 Palestinians."
Not only does all of the Israel profit from dates go directly to bullets to kill Palestinian Arabs, but the very rules of mathematics gets suspended when dealing with Israel. (The math works out to 437 bullets, not 44. The problem is ten times worse!)

One can almost imagine the foaming at the mouth of these self-proclaimed academics and intelligentsia as they do everything in their power to impoverish their fellow Arabs - in the name of "unity."