Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Extremist warmonger Mahmoud Abbas speaks

Time once again to call a spade a spade: Mahmoud Abbas is an extremist by any definition.
[Abbas] told the [Al-Sharq Al-Awsat] news agency that he will not give any concessions in the Annapolis peace conference, he added.

Abbas called on the Arab countries to avoid taking any steps towards normalization with Israel before they withdraw from all the Palestinian territories they occupied in 1967, and before a just solution for the refugee problem is found on the basis of UN resolution 194.

Regarding Hamas' position towards the Annapolis conference, Abbas said "It is the Palestinian Liberation Organisation that takes part in the conference not the government or the Palestinian Legislative Council."
Combining this with Ahmed Qureia's statements earlier we see that Abbas is not even pretending to represent the Palestinian Arab people at Annapolis - but even so, he might refuse to go unless Israel offers everything up front.

He will use the fiction of only representing the PLO to avoid any Western pressure, claiming that he cannot commit to any concessions (and officially giving Hamas veto power) but he still turns around and asks Israel to agree to give everything to this admittedly non-representative group.

And, meanwhile, instead of encouraging peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors - the same level of "peace" that Israel has with the PA, meaning official mutual recognition - he is advocating remaining in a state of war.

If he keeps this up, he might get the next Nobel Prize.