Tuesday, October 30, 2007

PalArabs demand timetable for a state

More demands from people who have a limitless appetite for them:
The chief Palestinian peace negotiator threatened on Tuesday that there would be no talks with Israel unless a deadline is set for establishing a Palestinian state — the first indication the Palestinians could scuttle a U.S.-sponsored peace summit over the issue.
Reading between the lines, Ahmed Qureia is saying that their statehood is not in the least bit dependent on their actions. Israel can ask for security guarantees or anything else and the PalArabs might pretend to agree or not, but no matter what there will be a state by some future date.

It is like a juvenile delinquent telling his parents that he demands a new car on his sixteenth birthday regardless of whether he gets good grades, stays in school, goes to prison - it all doesn't matter because he deserves it. And if he doesn't get it, well, he will make life miserable for everybody.

And the world that has spoiled this kid rotten from day one - the world that has given billions of dollars in free food, free education and willful ignorance of the kid's crimes, the world that has taken the kid's side whenever he got into a fight and that bailed him out every time he got into trouble - that world is falling all over itself to buy a Ferrari.

Before his temper tantrum.