Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Video of Hamas throwing Fatah officer off building

Palestine Press Agency has a downloadable video that it claims shows the death of of Mohammed Sweirki, a Fatah officer, by being thrown off the top of a 15-story building in Gaza while handcuffed last June.

I put it on LiveLeak but could not figure out how to embed it here. Thanks to The Jawa Report, I am now able to show it here (warning - graphic violence, as the body actually bounces off the ground.)

(I was going to put it on YouTube but figured that they would censor it anyway...)

And for those who love funny autotranslations, the name of the Hamas spokesman in Gaza is autotranslated on PalPress as "Sami Abu Venereal."

Israeli names can get auto-translated in amusing ways too. Here's Tzipi Livni: