Sunday, September 09, 2007

There won't be any plays written about this ISM member

A member of the International Solidarity Movement was murdered last week.

Let's look at the circumstances of his death and compare it to another famous ISM member's demise:
Name Rachel Corrie Akram Ibrahim Abu Sba’
Gender Female Male
Nationality American Palestinian Arab
How killed? Allowed herself to be hit while standing in front of a slow-moving bulldozer Shot in the chest, point blank, by Islamic Jihad
Was the killing condemned by ISM? Yes No
Plays written about life story? Yes No
Used as a symbol of war crimes? Yes No

Poor Akram. He had the misfortune to be killed by people who ISM considers the "good guys."

If only he didn't belong to a group whose entire purpose is hypocritical, he might have been considered a martyr.