Monday, September 24, 2007

A small peek at Muslim hate - for Muslims

A couple of days ago, some Fatah members shot at a Hamas jeep in Gaza and allegedly injured two people. Some new group named the Abu Ghraib Martyrs or something like that took credit. This is hardly news, and in fact it was only reported in the pro-Fatah Palestine Press Agency.

What is more notable is the vitriol shown for Hamas by the Fatah supporters on the site. This is a bit more graphic than what one would see in even the most raucous Western websites. The autotranslation breaks down when the source material is written poorly, but the gist is pretty clear:

Yes, it was the first good will, God willing winter rain and loss of blood

The Awadnakam you sons of adultery operations Here are the sons of Conquest are you strike again, and tell you that pork lo saying the rain Everyone to hell you build beggars, prostitutes who Basoko Pkponh Zahar of pork and Siam Yellowdog and Haniya Bugger Meselmeh liar and Mashaal Queer Shiites because you analyze this and the Burktm explosions and forward you sons of Conquest heroes and blessed Sutantkm tremendous victory or martyrdom and the mercenaries and lackeys of the Zionist occupation Shiite Iranian Syrian Country

Name of God the Merciful: Oh Burktm Giants blessed you pure driving trigger always blessed Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Al-Quds military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement in Palestine yes pursued those pigs in Ghorham to Ahgo Almlain those who abandoned their God continued Dharbackm continued Jihad against the enemy of Allah and your enemy, you will bring glory of Jerusalem and Park God you forward Dear Jihadists, With greetings stormy Thundershowers

Blessed hands and wish that the news is true this gap kick Almenkellepin eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and initiator darkest also wish Conquest brave men to be very high security alert and be the person responsible for dealing with only one and that is a link to others so as not to be revealed as not official God as we wish them good selection Mujahideen selection of concealment of work and strict confidentiality, ethics and God used succession

The beginning of the end for owners of the Shiite doctrine in Palestine: Welcome these operations superb indelible lines injustice line and the line We at the hands of these heroes mujahideen sons opened honest

O Lord, drive and hit a shot against the Shiites Humasaoyen Rehana O Lord God of injustice

We say death and disgrace and shame of Savoyen infidel dogs Iran and Syria
And very soon we waited Oh dogs Hamas death and hell and Nhaitakm will not all of you will not exclude you only need one home and declared his innocence of Hamas Alangas
And tomorrow for the warden soon .. It is a struggle .. Jihad victory or martyrdom

May God never ماننساا our land and kill you Dignity sons Conquest and cruel الحمساوي putschists and the scourge of the next The punching of a fire Revolution to Mathdi Aztec destroy Beniankam Obsolescent Yamelchiat death

Kill them and the injuries are not Tafhein These Essou God, you and we each and every bullet you Alvthaoyen O heroes May peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you

As with the Arab/Israeli conflict, the major source for the hate is the humiliation and shame suffered by the losers. The Shiite/Sunni divide, as with the JudeoChristian/Muslim divide, is not nearly as important as the fact that in these cultures there is no greater disgrace than losing a battle that you felt should have won. The words of these people are dripping with the desire for revenge and restoration of what little perceived glory Fatah once had.

Notice also the frequent invocation of "Allah the merciful" as they describe how much they want to butcher the Syrian/Iranian/Shiite/Hamas pigs. I don't think that Islam is as important a factor in their hate as their Arab honor/shame culture, but it certainly is a useful tool in magnifying the seething that is dripping from their keyboards and tongues.

Make no mistake, though - as much as they hate their fellow Muslims, their hatred for the entire non-Muslim world is much greater, with "Zionists" and "Crusaders" at the top of the list. The very idea that people who are raised in such an environment have the ability to even conceive of living in peace with Israel, or on a global level that Arabs or Muslims who subscribe to this worldview can learn to truly accept Western hegemony, is ludicrous. Being the rulers is where honor lies, and being ruled - even indirectly, or even to a small extent - is the definition of disgrace. Avoiding disgrace and trying to recapture honor is the driving force behind the entire Islamic war on the West, and everything else is BS that is meant to obscure this primal, visceral rage.