Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rabbi negotiating with Hamas

Palestine Press Agency (Arabic) reports that an Israeli rabbi is negotiating with Hamas:
Presse source revealed Palestinian official disclosed that the number of Jewish rabbis mediate between Hamas and the Israeli government to bring calm to ensure cessation of Palestinian resistance from the Gaza Strip against the Israeli army to stop its operations in the sector.

The source said the newspaper "Middle East", published today, that the rabbis group, headed by Menachem Fromn, initiated contacts with the government official Ismail Haniya article and suggested it be transferred suggestions mutual calm between Israel and Hamas, provided that the successful prevention of resistance movements Hamas from launching any attack from Gaza Strip.

The source pointed out that Fromn already contacted the Deputy Minister of the Israeli army, General Vilnai and careful presentation of the mediation efforts, with the latter expressed enthusiasm for the idea, said the source, adding that there was an effort Palestinians and Israelis because expands under which authorities will be required to take a position on the truce, specifically clergy and religious institution in Gaza, and not only the position of resistance movements.
The rabbi, Menachem Froman, is certainly unusual. While he himself is a founder of Gush Emunim and he is rabbi of the settlement of Tekoa, he has met with many Hamas and Fatah leaders over the years, including Sheikh Yassin and Yasir Arafat. On the other hand he is a strong opponent of "disengagement" and even moved his family to Gush Katif beforehand. He says that he would rather live in Tekoa under Arab rule if Israel gives it away.

"Quixotic" seems an understatement.