Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Palestinian Arab "Kadima"?

Palestine Today reports on a number of businessmen trying to create a "Kadima"-like political party to bridge the gap between Hamas and Fatah (autotranslated):
Palestinian sources revealed that a number of businessmen and academics Palestinians began setting up a political party in an attempt to break the political impasse procedure, after they had received encouraging signals from President Mahmoud Abbas and some leaders of the Hamas movement in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in preparation for contesting the forthcoming legislative elections.

According to the sources, based on the party confirmed that they will of the Palestinian people something different, especially in light of political division and interactions among the largest movements in the Palestinian territories (Hamas and Fatah), and that this party will be a copy of Palestinian party "Kadima" Israeli attract voters of the two traditional "Labor" and the bloc "Likud".

It seeks authors of the new party to attract a number of leaders and cadres of the Hamas movement and what "moderates" and the leaders of the Fatah-corruption involved, in addition to some leaders of the Palestinian factions, the National Action; To join the new party's founding, or at least to obtain their support.

The sources considered that the successful annexation of the two leaders of the party give it a strong push savior of the Palestinians, as a reliable party officials that many Palestinians do not belong to the "Fatah" and "Hamas" and want to see a new party could provide them a better future for their cause.
Now, what could a political party that takes terrorists from Fatah and terrorists from Hamas look like?

It's a real head-scratcher.