Sunday, September 02, 2007

PalArabs hate "human rights" organizations too!

Plenty of observers have noted the anti-Israel and pro-terrorist bias that "human rights" organizations and NGOs have. One might think that the Palestinian Arabs who are beneficiaries of the money and publicity that they hand out would be a bit appreciative.

However, even as long ago as 1950, the Palestinian Arabs have been distrustful of international aid agencies, viewing them as Western plots against them. Not so much as not to accept the billions of dollars that they have consistently doled out, but enough to be resentful.

According to a Ma'an (Arabic) reader poll, that antipathy towards international aid organizations is alive and well.

The poll question is:
Human rights organizations working on Palestinian territories:
24% Operate freely and sincerely to serve the public
67% Hypocrisies of the party without further as interest
9% I do not know