Friday, September 07, 2007

No Gaza prayer deaths, but...

According to Palestine Press Agency (Arabic), 65 Fatah supporters were injured during Hamas/Fatah clashes this morning, two seriously. Six journalists were arrested by Hamas as well and their film confiscated. Many Fatah members were arrested.

Some pictures managed to get through. In this one, Reuters charmingly says:

Security forces from the Hamas Islamist movement arrest a member of the Fatah movement during clashes in the southern Gaza strip September 7, 2007

Doesn't this look like a policeman arresting someone?

Another pic:

Palestinian members of the Hamas Executive Force use their batons as they detain a Fatah supporter during clashes at a protest following Muslim prayers in Gaza City, Friday, Sept. 7, 2007.

UPDATE: A 14 year old student was stabbed by another in Qalqiya. 521.

The body of a person whose name is translated as "Talaat Mohamed Abdel Karim Beekeeper" was found in Netzarim in Gaza, four days after he was abducted by Hamas, his hands and feet bound. 522.