Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A Muslim student's "research into his religion"

From AP:
A Scottish college student who prosecutors said became an aspiring suicide bomber after scouring extremist Islamic sites on the Internet was convicted of terrorism offenses Monday.

A jury at Glasgow's High Court found Mohammed Atif Siddique, 21, guilty of four terrorism offenses and also of causing a disturbance by telling fellow students he planned to become a suicide bomber.

Prosecutors said during the four-week trial that Siddique was watched by security agents for several months before he was arrested in April 2006 as he tried to board a flight from Glasgow to Lahore, Pakistan.

Siddique, from the town of Clackmannanshire in central Scotland, had stored and posted guides to bomb-making, guns and explosives on a network of Web sites, prosecutors said.

Defense lawyer Aamer Anwar claimed Siddique was merely conducting research into his religion and was the victim of heightened sensitivity fed by terror attacks.

So that's what they are calling it nowadays!