Saturday, September 29, 2007

Latest Western/Zionist plot against Arabs: Pornography

It looks like the Arabs have been a bit naughty on the Internet, and they know exactly who to blame (autotranslated from Ma'an):
Lebanese affairs educational specialist and social researcher Dr. Hassan Reza warned that there are Western and "Zionist" schemes working to destroy Arab and Muslim communities across a large number of pornographic sites on the "Internet".

Dr. Reza explained in an interview with Agence Islamic Republic News that aired or being pornographic sites on the Internet have negative great when the younger generation at the psychological, moral, educational and social.

Reza: "There is an internal struggle when everyone Tstlah it studies the psychological conflict" Ego Supreme "and" gap ", and represented the first control social, legal and religious, with a second instincts and desires, and if the young man found in those locations against morality on the Internet that feeds the negative side in this conflict, the victory will be at the expense of "Ego ideal" any censorship.
I love autotranslated psychobabble!

If this is a Zionist plot, it is spectacularly successful. At this moment, on Google Trends, the number one language searching Google for "sex" is Arabic, with the top country being Egypt.

Omri at Mere Rhetoric just mentioned that a Saudi man divorced his wife for watching a man on TV alone. Maybe Arabs don't need Zionist pornography in order to have a truly skewed viewpoint on women.